Scanning of Actors

We work with experts in the areas of movies and multi-media where the subjects can be 3d scanned and used for morphing/animation in movies.

We have fantastic facility to 3d scan in color with texture and also human body forms (live people) using various technologies.  These methods enhance topology capture so that the animators can focus on the functional aspects of the movies rather spending time on geometry mimicking and capture.


Reality Capture

We can also capture statues, artefacts, etc which can be used for saving costs on making the sets in the movies.



Forms can be captured in 3D which can be subsequently used for animation/VFX effects.


Statue Digitalization

We can convert any physical statues into digital format so that the same may be used in sets/VFX scenario thus saving time and money for the production house.


Special Effects

Captured data can be subsequently used for high quality rendering and topology modification.