Jewellery/Artefact Services


we can develop from concept sketches to 3d model for jewellery design for ring, pendents, studs, neck laces, etc. In the past, we have enabled 3d scanned antique jewellery of 200 years+ old and converted them to CAD so that the same can be replicated amongst the family member.  Also, it is possible to convert legacy forms of jewellery into today digital production so that the same can be re-used in any other application.  Some of projects we handled, the forms of castle/palace windows panes were transformed into beautiful ear-rings and studs for today’s demand

Antique Jewellery Design Scanning
Idol/Sculpture 3d scanning and Model Making

3d scanning

We can 3d scan the existing fine jewellery (upto even the size of a rice) to large idols upto 6 meters as well.  Our in-house facility and knowledge working on very important projects countrywide help us to excel in this area.

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Scanned 3D models can be 3d printed (resin/metal)

3d printing

Since late 1990s and early 2000s, we have enable various companies in India for rapid prototyping/3d printing their designs using our in-house 3d printers.  Our quality is complemented by our inherent understanding the jewellery making process saves costs and time for our customers.

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One-off Sample Making
Silicone Mold Making
Casting Sample/Master Making