3D Inspection & Quality Control (quickly)

The 3D scanned data is compared to that of CAD model for knowing the difference in the following:

  • Geometry variations in terms of dimensions
  • Profile match/mismatch that are otherwise not possible to compare
  • Acceptance of the part withint given range of tolerance for GO/NOGO certification
  • Re-work areas of the part/tooling if there is significant mismatch
  • Communication of the quality & process control to end-customers
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CAD file is compared to that of actual casting by the formats of IGES, STEP or para-solid data


The actual casting is 3d scanned and brought in the form of STL data for comparison.


The comparison is carried out using inspection software to get numerical/graphical deviations.


CAD Model


CAD Model is super-imposed to the Scan data using alignment tecniques


Resulting variations is displayed graphically with colorific values and also by numerical annotations