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Our Center, located at Chinnavedampatti is easily accessible from any part of town by road and any public transport.  

We offer the training currently in two types of timing i.e. full time and part time to enable individuals attend the classes as per the convenience suiting their needs.  Our center opens at 9 AM and is opened till 7 PM every day from Monday to Saturday.  Sunday is normally kept for special training sessions.

Based on the needs from the industry, we have designed five different types of courses.   These courses are acceptable to industries based on their current day needs. It enables individuals to take on the job efficiently to meet organization objectives. 

Unique Features

  • Prime Location – Easy Access

  • 1:1 System Facility

  • Highly Configured Machines

  • 10 Hours Lab

  • Intensive Practical Training

  • Live Project from Industries

Please let us know your interest areas, services@vectraform.net


Reverse Engineering Training

VectraFORM provide training on 3D scanning and Reverse Engineering  and  issue the certificate to the students who complete their course successfully.  The following packages are available in RE Training

  • Basic RE Package

  • Designer RE Package

  • Expert Designer RE Package

CNC Training

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is automated method of machining operations pertaining to milling, turning, EDM, wire-EDM, etc.  Our training includes the software and machine/systems training to confidently program and operate such machines.

We offer training using CNC machines from Germany.

  • CAM Package

Fast Track Course

Fast Track Course is the course offered to the working people who have prior knowledge in the above areas for refreshing/updating their knowledge in the above areas. 

Fast Track course is generally limited 1-3 days for such highly time conscious engineers who seek to get themselves updated in the above fields using expert team from VectraFORM. 


Additive Manufacturing Training

Additive Manufacturing is the new issue for many of the companies to achieve ‘faster quality’ of products.  In fact, many leading companies have already migrated from traditional manufacturing techniques to modern CNC based manufacturing techniques to reduce time and increase quality.  

Though CAD offers advantages to reduce design and development time,Additive Manufacturing is the area where these benefits can be converted into reality.  CAD data forms the core for AM operations.  

AM involves two different stages viz. first preparation of program using software for various technologies and applications.  Based on the material of the product and complexity of the design, we are generating CNC code for 3d printing of the same from raw material to 3D products.  Though it is easily said, it involves a lot of experience to go with designing the same to optimize the time and cost of making the same.  AM really helps manufacturers to optimize the process cost involved in manufacturing.  This helps manufacturers to control cost and quality of the end product early in the design stage.

We offer exclusive courses on AM based product design and 3d printing based on the experience we gained by providing services to various engineering industries in our region.