Today’s  New Product Design and Development Scenario

The world is changing. The marketplace is demanding shorter and shorter product development cycle and project team members can be located across the globe, not just across the hall. To meet these challenges, many designers are modeling products using concurrent engineering and web based collaborative tools, rather than just modeling single parts. These individuals often design their parts within the context of an assembly structure; designing with the end product in mind; increasing productivity and saving time and money

3D Model is not just a tool for engineers, but for the Enterprise to improve Engineering

The Need

Today’s liberal economy and the competitive environment in India has pushed industrialists to use CAD/CAM/CAE tools for their survival. This has created the need for knowledgeable persons in this field who can effectively utilize the CAD/CAM resources available in the company. They are required to design and manufacture product of high quality and that too in a very short span of time.

Skill-sets are needed in the areas of:

  • Concept Design/Product Styling

  • Engineering Design

  • Finite Element Analysis/Modeling

  • CNC/CAM Software

  • 3D Reverse Engineering - Hardware/Software

  • Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing/Tooling

  • 3D Inspection/Metrology Reports/Quality Control

Our Training

We have our in-house efficient “Train-the-trainer”  TEAM to fulfil the requirement of  leading companies in India and abroad. We are offering CAD/CAM/CAE training to enable students/others to get “companies to achieve their business objectives by strengthening their Design and Development resources”.

Advanced Training Areas:

  • Concept Design/Styling

  • CNC/CAM Software

  • 3D Reverse Engineering (Hardware/Software)

  • Rapid Prototyping/Manufacturing

  • Rapid Tooling/Bridge Tooling

  • 3D Inspection (Hardware/Software)

  • CNC Engraving/2D Milling

  • CNC 3-axis Milling/Model/Mold Making

  • CNC 4-axis Machining/5-axis milling

Our Commitment

VectraFORM has expert engineers from various disciplines like Product Design, Styling,  Manufacturing, FEA, Plastic Engineering, Tool & Die making, CNC Programming, Reverse Engineering, 3D Inspection/Quality Control and Rapid Prototyping/ Rapid Manufacturing.
Upon completion , the trainees will have to undertake a “practical oriented project” from VectraFORM. Successful candidates would be awarded VectraFORM’s “certificate of merit”.