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Great Careers starts here!

A journey of thousand miles always begin with the ‘first step’.  Great product innovations happens by drawing the ‘first line’ or ‘writing the first word’.


Present requirements:

Sales Managers (Chennai)
RP Services Manager (Coimbatore)
RE Services Manager (Chennai/Coimbatore)
Technical Support Engineers (Coimbatore)
Industrial  Designer (Coimbatore)

Our work environment is open and flexible. Working hours are based on the job requirement.  We encourage fresh graduates and experienced professional to seek career counselling with our HR team to seek new opportunities.  Please forward your resume to jobs@vectraform.net for further information.  We are presently employing the following professionals

Qualification requirements

Freelance Opportunities

We will be happy to have you!

Diploma Holders in Mechanical/Civil/Electrical/Production Engineering

Graduate Engineers in Mechanical/Civil/Electrical/Production Engineering
ITI Technicians interested to work in the areas of CAD/CAM/CIM/Product Design
Science graduates interested in Marketing/IT
Creative Professionals for design/development

We also call for individuals who can register with our organization as free-lance service providers with the following skills:

  • industrial design/architecture
  • product design/aesthetics/ergonomics
  • jewelry designers
  • shoe/apparel/furniture designers
  • tool/die/mold designers
  • other relevant skills to product development and prototyping

Passionate about CAD/CAM, walk-in to our office on any Saturday with prior appointment to know the opportunities with us either full time or part-time assignment.  Definitely, they are lucrative!

Freshers are only sought when required as trainee/intern engineers. Fresher are welcome to join as “interns” for 6 months for “on-the-job-training” through our qualification process.  At the end of 6 months, there is growth opportunity with VectraFORM and their customers in India and worldwide, based on performance.

Interns Opportunities


RP, CNC and 3d Scanning projects (fresher with excellent academic record and CAD/CAM passion).  Fresher would be paid stipend during the internship. Freshers will be evaluated based on tests & interview for satisfying the minimum needs of carrying-on with the required profile.

If satisfactory performance and results are delivered during the internship, then it may be considered for formal appointment after the completion of internship (which may vary from 6 months to 12 months)


To apply to our organization

If you are interested, please follow the link jobs@vectraform.net  to apply for the same.  Candidates strictly adhering to the qualifications and experience as sought are encouraged to apply.