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Customised Training

   As more and more companies are migrating to easy-to-make Product Development using 3D Scanning/3D Printing from the cumber some way of conventional design process, can you afford to sit aside and still fight out?


As long as you do not realise the benefits offered by newer technologies!

VectraFORM is always ‘brainstorming’ new ways to help you ‘Quicker and Easier’ with product development solutions.  Our new services include the following 

  • Training & Retraining of your existing or additional manpower.
  • Training your CAD/CAM engineers on advanced areas of Generative/Algorithmic Modeling
  • Jump start NPD using 3D scanning/3D Printing  
  • Training on CNC Manufacturing, Reverse Engineering for Rapid Product Development using Additive Manufacturing, Bridge Tooling and Small Batch In-house Production

Rapid Product Development 

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing – Can you afford to ignore it?

Want to ignore or face it?  
It is your decision.

VectraFORM can tailor-make the course design as needed by your product development needs of today.

Class A Modeling

We have also recently added "Class A" modeling techniques team for enabling companies to make their ergonomic and aesthetic, thus appealing to their final customers.